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From Bonsecours to Berri

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An 18th-century faubourg and... the crash of 1929! 

Brossard-Gauvin house 


The delightful wooden house on Rue Saint-Louis, built in about 1750, later enlarged and then restored in 1987, is the only surviving 18th-century faubourg home in Montréal. It was built outside the fortifications, in the Saint-Louis "faux bourg," or "false city", next to a barn that burned down around 1760. Archaeologists found charred remains in the barn, along with bundles of flax. Although the street has gradually been invaded by 19th-century urban architecture, it has managed to retain a very intimate feeling.

Meurling shelter


The Meurling shelter, on Rue Champ-de-Mars, took in thousands of homeless people during the Depression. Other charitable institutions nearby, including the Porte du Ciel and the Home Bonneau, still offer a helping hand for those in need. 

A former hill and military remains 

An impressive faubourg 

Two former railway stations 

At home with George-Étienne Cartier 

From Bonsecours to Berri

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Old Montréal

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