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Old Montréal
The Lighting Plan
Techniques and Design
Main facadeEast side facade.
Lighting Scheme for City Hall
Design: Éclairage Public inc., Groupe Cardinal Hardy.
Engineering: Groupe-conseil Trédec inc.
Computer graphics: Image-in.


Note the contrast created
by lighting from two
different angles:

from above,
on the lower façades
with sloping roofs,
and from below,
on the imposing
upper façades.
Saint-Paul Street near Saint-Pierre Street
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Structural elements of the Lighting Plan

  • the buildings and streets on the fringes of Old Montréal—a luminous band following the route of the old fortifications,
  • entry points, at the four corners,
  • main access points to downtown,
  • public squares and surrounding buildings,
  • some features outside Old Montréal.
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