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The Lighting Plan
Lights on the Administrative Sector
Administrative Sector
Lucien-Saulnier building                                                         City Hall     
      Place Vauquelin       

The lighting here had to be sober, imposing and harmonious, to emphasize the political significance and durability of this highly symbolic part of the city. The lighting designers elected to bring together the three elements as one majestic visual landmark.

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City Hall




A golden glow surrounds and warms the subtle greys of the stone walls. The roofs, in a deliberate contrast, are sharply outlined by cooler hues.



Special lighting,
daring and festive with
its joyous colours, marks
the holiday season.

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The Lucien-Saulnier building and
City Hall, seen from behind.


Lucien-Saulnier building and City Hall
Municipal Court building



The Municipal Court building.

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